The Animals

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Foto: Peter de RuFoto: Peter de Ru
Munthe was a great dog-lover. His best known dog is Puck, a Great Dane whose name he made part of his authorial identity by signing his books »Puck Munthe«. Puck died during a walk in the Alps in 1888.

Later, Munthe surrounded himself with many other dogs, as well as with monkeys and owls. And during her stays in Capri The Crown Princess was accompanied by her poodles Tom and Pussy, the lapponian shepherd Gioia and the fox-terrier Fellow.

Jangfeldt writes:

One of the most hilarious characters in The Story of San Michele is the uncouth and alcoholic baboon Billy.

The monkey which was captured by Crown Princess Victoria’s camera is smaller in size, but it shared Billy’s favourite occupation: catching the fleas on the doctor’s dogs.
Munthe gave special consideration to the birds which rested on Capri every spring on their way from Africa to Scandinavia. When, in 1904, Munthe bought Mount Barbarossa, it was in order to turn at least this part of Capri into a haven for birds.

(From Munthe’s Capri, A Pictorial Biography by Bengt Jangfeldt, Translated from the Swedish by Harry D. Watson, Värnamo 2005, p. 85f.)