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Arbetsvistelse - så ansöker du

Villa San Michele on Capri island

Submitted by admin on Fri, 2007-06-29 10:01.


Villa San Michele on Capri in Italy is a magical place that must be experienced. Some speak of Feng shui perfection, about a node for magnetic flows, and others about its enchanting beauty. Villa San Michele is undoubtedly unique and a living example of the dream that became reality. Perhaps a dream springing from a longing for beauty or an individual’s attempt to deal with his feelings of powerlessness.

The soul needs more space than the body

Axel Munthe coined ingeniously and may have devoutly believed. Is he perhaps like Icarus when from the heights of Capri’s steep cliffs he stretches out for more -

My home shall be open for the sun and the wind and the voices of the sea - like a Greek temple – and light, light, light everywhere!

Villa San Michele is a place for you who yearn, dream and search for answers. An international meeting place, where dialogue between people from all over the world can take place in the peace and beauty of its magic settings. Welcome, you are in good company.

Staffan de Mistura

Director of Villa San Michele

Consul of Sweden in Capri

Besök villan virtuellt

Program 2016



Munthes Hildasholm

Southside House


Sollidens Slott

Svenska Institutet i Rom
Utlysningar - kurser - meddelanden

Svenska Institutet i Athen
Utlysningar - kurser - meddelanden

Sveriges Ambassad i Rom

Svenska institutet
Svenska institutet

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