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Andrea Anastasio, Cervi garofano
Andrea Anastasio, Cervi garofano

Campana Brothers, Alligator Toy
Campana Brothers, Alligator Toy

Campana Brothers, White Tiger Toy
Campana Brothers, White Tiger Toy

On March 30, "Dioranimalia" transforms the garden pavilion Olivetum into a diorama inhabited by fantasy creatures created by the renowned Brazilian and Italian designers Humberto and Ferdinando Campana and Andrea Anastasio.
In a surreal, yet delicate balance between nature and artifice, the works of the Brazilian designers and Anastasio converge within the pavilion in the reconstruction of a contemporary jungle where nature, humans, and the animal kingdom magically seem to rediscover the sense of a lost unity.
The bronze sculptures and large tapestries of Estudio Campana presented in the exhibition depict inhabitants of a universe animated by the presence of monstrous chimeras, hybrid figures with multiple heads suspended between decorative intention and wild dimension. These figures interact with the sculptural objects and images of the Italian designer Anastasio who, freely traversing the figurative codes linked to the representation of the natural world in the history of art, brings to life a new, ideal formal and compositional order in which the animal figure seems to have taken the place of the human image.
The 2024 art program at Villa San Michele is curated by Arianna Rosica and Gianluca Riccio. In Dioranimalia, they turn the concept of the national pavilion upside down with a project inspired by cultural contamination, here between Italy and Brazil, transforming the garden pavilion Olivetum into a diorama inhabited by creatures from the imagination. The exhibition runs until June 21st.


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