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From September 9th to November 16th at Villa San Michele the landscape festival

The guidelines of the new edition of the Festival develop in the wake of this tradition seeing the island as a place of artistic creation and - at the same time - as a space for planning a new idea of reality. Indeed, Aria di Capri, rather than exalting worn stereotypes about the island, is an invitation to observe the landscape that surrounds us from unprecedented perspectives, and to inhabit the reality outside form a strictly anthropocentric perspective. Cerio’s thought-provoking drive to escape the clichés of landscape culture, to go beyond the usual parameters linked to the perception and representation of reality, and to strengthen the link between artistic creation and the natural world, is precisely the common thread that runs through the various site-specific works created by the invited artists.

The Aria di Capri project is structured as a multifaceted observatory on contemporary landscape, winding through the spaces of Villa San Michele in Anacapri, from the external facade that houses the large and luminous sculpture by Patrick Tuttofuoco, to the internal cloister inhabited by the floor-sculpture by Valerie Krause and the large monochrome canvas by Henrik Håkansson - new chapter of the Swedish artist's Butterfly painting series -, up to the roman cubiculum in the garden of the Villa, which becomes an envelope for the installation The observer by the two great Ukrainian artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, and to the spaces of the church where the video The School of Narrative Dance - Ongoing Documentary 2013-2016 by Marinella Senatore is shown.

"Faced with a reality filled with epochal environmental, social and politicalconflicts and crises" affirm, Arianna Rosica and Gianluca Riccio, artistic directors of the Festival and curators of the exhibition, "the images given to us by the various artists, protagonists of this sixth edition of the Festival of the Landscape, appear to be governed by a change of approach towards the human and environmental landscape surrounding us.These images act as bearers of another perspective, opposed to the heaviness of today's worldthanks toa sense of inverted logic, rather than thanks to a thrust to escape into the territories of the irrational and dreamlike. Such is the case of the light gesture of two hands intertwined, alludingto a bird’s flight, expressedinBird by Patrick Tuttofuoco. Furthermore, we experience the attempt to verify the possible relationship between artistic creation and natural dimension, exercised by the great Butterfly painting by Henrik Håkansson, or the reflected encounter between landscape forms and geometrically defined space established in the mirroring cement sculptures O. T. 2022 by Valerie Krause, which exemplifies art as a language, useful for recomposing, in a new order, that which appears to us disrupted and fragmented. Projects of encounter between popular traditions, local communities and the collective performative dimension are then at the basis of Marinella Senatore's research. Finally, the work of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov seems to invite us to retrace, through a crack or a glance from afar, the marvels that resides in everyday life, restoring the miracle of the apparition back to the observer".

Promoted by Il Rosaio Association, with the Municipality of Anacapri, organized in collaboration and with the support of the Axel Munthe \ Villa San Michele Foundation, realized thanks to the support of Seda and Capri Palace Hotel, with the participation of the Goethe Institut of Naples and with the contribution of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany as part of the Year of the German Language in Italy, the Landscape Festival 2022 is enriched, since its second edition,by the public Manifesto project, which, this year, sees Anna Franceschini as protagonist.

Aria di Capri – That Capri Air
Villa San Michele \ Anacapri
9 September \ 16 November 2022
inauguration 9 September, 7pm

curated by Arianna Rosica e Gianluca Riccio
artists:HenrikHåkansson, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Valerie Krause, Marinella Senatore
Patrick Tuttofuoco
Public project:Anna Franceschini \ Murografie \ billposting
in piazza Vittoria, piazza San Michele, via Trieste and Trento, autobus station A.t.c, Anacapri

instagram: @festivaldelpaesaggio_ana.capri

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From September 9th to November 16th at Villa San Michele the landscape festival