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Cultural events

September 5<br>Regeneration

September 5

With his particular so called Translation music, the molecular biologist and pianist
Emiliano Toso helps his audience to relax, reduces the level of stress and enhances awareness and creativity. The piano is tuned in 432 Hertz, a frequency which creates harmony.
August 28-30<br>The Salon of the Sphinx

August 28-30
The Salon of the Sphinx

Villa San Michele repets last year’s success, creating a Salon like atmosphere where the audience encounters and interacts with authors, film directors and artists in vogue. This year's theme is Beauty; as a value in itself, as a human need, as a commodity. Read more under News
August 19

August 19

For the first time, Villa San Michele hosts the prestigious international literary festival Le Conversazioni, founded by Antonio Monda and Davide Azzolini. The interview on stage with Italian writer Helena Janeczek analyses Power from different angels.
August 14

August 14

Andrea Padova is a well known pianist and composer. As a young man he was the pupil of one of Italy’s most acclaimed piano virtuosi and pedagogues, Aldo Ciccolini. Andrea Padova entirely dedicates his concert at Villa San Michele to the master of Romanticism, Frédéric Chopin.
August 7

August 7

Neapolitan pianist Giulio De Luca is particularly famous for his interpretations of Franz Liszt. Thus his concert on Villa San Michele’s enchanting stage contains music by the Hungarian composer, as well as Richard Wagner, Giuseppe Verdi och Franz Schubert, Axel Munthe’s favorite.
July 31<br>From Sibelius to Sondheim

July 31
From Sibelius to Sondheim

Swedish soprano Erika Sunnegårdh and pianist Matti Hirvonen invite the audience to an evening with Nordic songs and American musical at its best. The program holds a special tribute to Stephen Sondheim, the 90 year old genius of this genre.
July 24<br>The Drama of Opera and the Poetry of Songs

July 24
The Drama of Opera and the Poetry of Songs

The acclaimed Swedish soprano Ingela Brimberg sings Italian arias in the dramatic tradition, by Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini, and Swedish romances.
Ingela Brimberg is accompanied by the notable Swedish pianist Matti Hirvonen, who will make solo performances with the music of Franz Schubert.